Introduction to Life Gate Baptist Church

Dear Friend,
We have written this web page to answer some questions frequently asked by first-time church visitors and people we meet in and around the local area of Mount Gravatt. Its purpose is to introduce you to our church, what we believe in, our stand on present-day issues, and what we want to offer you. We hope that this web page will assist you in deciding whether to visit us on a Sunday, or help you in your search for a local church to join.

What is Life Gate Baptist Church?

Life Gate is a local Christian church that adheres to Bible doctrines and Baptist practices. We are Bible-believing, Bible-preaching and Bible-obeying. We are independent; meaning we have full responsibility and accountability for the running of the church ourselves. The Lord Jesus Christ is the head of our church. We are not in subjection to any religious hierarchy, synod, bishop or pope. Independency does not make us an island on its own; we regularly fellowship with other independent churches of like faith, practice and conviction.

How long has Life Gate been around?
What is some of its history?

Life Gate has commemorated its 52nd anniversary this year. It was started by an American missionary (who is still faithfully serving God) sent out by the Baptist International Missions Inc. For most of its history, Australian pastors have been holding the reins. Pastor Zimmermann, the present minister, has lived in South East Queensland all his life. He relates very well to local and national issues, both spiritual and secular.

What are some of your doctrines, in general?
What do you stand for?

We believe that Jesus Christ is eternally the Son of God, the second person of the Three-in-One God as evident in the Bible. We promote the pre-eminence of Jesus Christ as our Divine Lord and Master, that He was born of a virgin some 2000 years ago, lived a sinless life, and died for our sins on the cross of Calvary. He arose from the dead and is now in Heaven. We believe that Heaven and Hell are real and eternal places; that all members of the human race are sinners condemned to Hell, and can only be rescued through faith and trust in the Lord Jesus and what He did, by His free grace. We believe that Jesus will return to this earth to bring those who trust in Him to Heaven, according to a time frame which is known only to God the Father. We believe in the importance of fellowship and membership with a local church, for spiritual growth, prayer and a united testimony before man. God said He created the world in six (6) literal 24-hour days and we believe it. We support missionary work within and outside of Australia.

How do you view modern day issues?

Contrary to popular belief, the Christian faith is very relevant to present-day issues. For example, although not a book on Science, the Bible is full of evidence that the Evolution Theory is unfounded, and that Creation is the only logical explanation for how this world came into being. The Bible, when believed, becomes a rule-book for all aspects of life. It teaches that abortion, euthanasia, drug abuse, infidelity, prostitution, homosexuality, murder, rebellion against authority, and even petty theft is sin. Crime should be meet with swift justice that befits the crime. The softening of laws to fit modern day philosophies does not solve crime; it in fact legalises crime. Sin is not ignored by a Holy God.

What brand of Christianity do you promote?
What do you think of contemporary Christian issues?

True Christianity is a faith, not a religion. Religion binds and does not provide freedom; a religious person is in to the system he/she is in. On the other hand, true Christianity is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone. Our faith is based 100% on the Bible, its doctrine and precepts. Equal weight must be given to each doctrine that makes up the whole counsel of God. To emphasise too much on a single doctrine will provide imbalance to an otherwise perfect faith.
We believe that tongues have ceased, and that the Charismatic and Pentecostal movements are to be avoided. Its emphasis on the Holy Spirit ignores all other doctrines. Holy laughter is not a gift from God. God does heal today, but not through so-called faith healers. The Bible teaches that women are not to hold any position of leadership in a church. The prosperity ‘gospel’ as promoted by television evangelists is contrary to the beliefs of the Bible.

What place does the Bible really have in your church?Image of the King James Version of the Holy Bible

We are fundamental in our doctrine, i.e. we hold the Scriptures very dear to our hearts. We treasure the Bible, the Word of God, as our sole authority in all matters of faith and practice. We place equal emphasis on the Old Testament and New Testament, believing that every single word is inspired by God. We believe the Bible is free from error. We do not follow any ‘traditions of man’, recognising that traditions are prone to error or deception. If it’s in the Bible, it’s in Life Gate Baptist Church. If it’s not in the Bible, it’s not in our church.

So, which version of the Bible do you use?

We believe the King James Bible to be the very Word of God and, therefore, unreservedly use it in all public and private activities, i.e. worship services, Sunday School, Bible studies, family devotions and personal devotions. If you are familiar with a language other than English, we encourage you to use a Bible that has been faithfully translated from the same Hebrew and Greek texts that the KJV was derived from. We will gladly supply you with detailed information upon request.

What is your current membership like?
Is there an age group I can fit into?

About ten local families make up the membership today, with people in every age group from infants to the elderly, totally just under 35 people. Most families have children in pre-school and schooling age. The office workers, computer programmers, process workers and retirees are among us – all ordinary, God-fearing people. We are strict on membership, i.e. all members are born-again, baptised believers with a clear testimony of salvation in Christ alone. A number of regular ‘adherents’ join in on Sunday worship services and other activities.

What are your worship services like?

We worship God in reverence and humility, in spirit and in truth. These elements form an essential part of worship. We do not practice any form of Charismatic or Pentecostal activity – we do not equate worship with emotions or entertainment. We begin each worship service with prayer. A few hymns are sung to prepare the heart and mind before the preacher brings the Word of God. We close with a hymn and prayer. We have a morning and an evening service each Sunday. Both services are alike in nature and order – we do not design our worship services to fit different age groups. Our services are neither solemn nor frivolous; it has a correct balance. Visitors are made very welcome, befriended, and we make sure they are not embarrassed.

When do you meet to worship?
What other activities do you hold?

We regard Sunday as the Lord’s Day for public worship and rest. Sunday School for children and teens are held at the same time as the Adult Bible Hour, before the morning service. We have a bus ministry to provide transport to those who need it on Sunday. We hold Bible Study and Prayer Meetings every Wednesday evening. Among other activities, we organise regular young people’s meetings and host the occasional seminar (on various topics) whenever there is a need. Because we have a strong emphasis on the family, our regular social events involve the whole family.

What do you want out of me?
Do you have a hidden agenda?

The primary aim of every member of Life Gate Baptist Church is to win family, friends and neighbours to the Lord Jesus Christ, to an eternal life with Him in Heaven. We are not asking you to become religious. We are not asking you to ‘sign up’ to be a Christian. We are not asking you to join Life Gate to ‘play church’. We are not after your money. Friend, the Bible clearly teaches that both Heaven and Hell are real. We’d like you to give us an opportunity to show you from the Bible that Hell and eternal suffering are a real prospect for you, unless you make a decision to believe in the Lord Jesus. That’s a lot of truth in seven sentences, which perhaps can be better explained in a one-to-one conversation. May we have the privilege of meeting you for a friendly chat? Please contact us.

But, I am a Christian. Aren’t all churches the same?
How is Life Gate different from any other church?
What can you offer me?

We do not seek to take you away from the church you are attending. However, we do encourage you to be involved in a church that is 100% true to the Bible. ‘What do you mean?’, you ask. We believe some churches are only Christian in name; some add man’s traditions to pervert the Word of God, some take away certain fundamental doctrine. Some lean too heavily on a certain doctrine so much so that they do not consider the counsel of God (the Bible) as a whole. Your growth as a believer depends very much on the church you attend. The Bible says that Jesus will hold you personally accountable for your own spiritual growth. At Life Gate, we strive to nurture every believer in the doctrines and precepts of the Bible, and the Bible alone. We teach the believer to apply the Bible to every aspect of their daily lives. If you are discouraged with your church, or perhaps you have doubt about some questionable practice, our pastor might be able to provide you some advice.


This web page briefly introduced you to Life Gate Baptist Church, who and what we are. It is our prayer that we be given the privilege to answer any queries you may have that is not covered in this web page. We extend a warm invitation to you. You are most welcome to visit us at any time. Alternatively, we do offer introduction to Christianity lessons on a personal basis, if this is your desire. If we can be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for taking the time to read this page.

The Members of Life Gate Baptist Church